Installation depicting human lungs put up at hospital

An installation depicting human lungs was unveiled at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital as part of a campaign launched by the Help Delhi Breathe initiative, the Lung Care Foundation and the hospital.

The installation was conceptualised by Jhatkaa, a Bangalore-based non-profit organisation, that is active in the clean air movement.

The lungs are fitted with white HEPA filters, which due to exposure to Delhi air will turn black, demonstrating the impact of air pollution on healthy lungs.

“I have been operating for the past 30 years and have seen a change in the colour of lungs. Earlier, I used to see black deposits only in smokers and others would have pink lungs. But, nowadays, I only see black lungs. Even teenagers have black spots on their lungs. This is frightening. With this unique installation, we hope to show people the reality of what is happening to their lungs”, said Arvind Kumar, Founder Trustee, Lung Care Foundation, Chairman – Centre for Chest Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Equal to smoking

Doctors in the city on Saturday said the impact of air pollution on public health can be compared to smoking of 15-20 cigarettes a day.

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