Halt land registration along western bypass project: CCC

Coimbatore Consumer Cause (CCC), a consumer organisation, has appealed to the District Administration to suspend registration of properties along the 33-km alignment proposed for the Western Bypass project.

Secretary of the organisation K. Kathirmathiyon has pointed out in a letter to the District Collector that the alignment, passing through 16 villages, was approved by the District Road Safety Committee in February 2014 and the Government gave its administrative sanction in March 2016. However, till now, the land owners have not been told that they cannot sell the land and many new houses have come up. The development and problems are more in villages added to the new alignment – Theethipalayam, Madampatti, Kurudampalayam, Gudalur, etc.

Recently, the District Administration served notices on landowners and convened a meeting. However, some of the notices were sent to people who were not landowners at present as they had sold their lands and the actual owners did not receive the communication. “The Government has issued administrative sanction for the new alignment on March 4, 2016. Unfortunately, till date, even after more than two years, the new alignment was not notified and those lands are being sold to innocent people. In June 2016 meeting, we pointed out the same and made subsequent reminders. Even in a recent meeting with the District Collector, we pointed out the same. Most unfortunately, it is yet to be carried out,” he said.

However, the earlier alignment of 26 km has been notified and lands in 11 villages along this alignment cannot be registered. It has not been changed even now. “It is very strange that for the lands on which the road will not come the curb on registration is still in force. But there is no restriction on the purchase of lands and construction through which the bypass road has been actually proposed,” he added.

For the project to be completed on date, the District Administration should immediately communicate the new alignment areas to the Registration Department, local bodies, and the Local Planning Authority and stop further development on these lands.

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