Greens call for new law to control quarrying

The State chapter of the National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) that organised a meet of anti-quarry activists from eight districts here on Sunday called upon the State government to consider a new legislation in such a way as to bring quarry projects under the public sector and to extend more powers to local residents’ councils to ensure lawful functioning.

Govt intervention

The meet, which drew the participation of activists from Kasaragod to Ernakulam districts at the Police Club here, sought the intervention of the government to temporarily stop the operations of all granite and laterite quarries located in ecologically-sensitive areas, where landslips affected the lives of people in the recent monsoon.

“We firmly believe that all recent episodes of landslips have taken place in areas located closer to quarrying sites. At least the rules related to mining and quarrying should be enforced very strictly,” said NAPM State convenor Kusumam Joseph, who convened the meeting.

She pointed out that the demand for resources such as granite and laterite stones was on the increase and that it was high time some regulations were introduced in the State. The activists who took part in the discussions said their fight was not meant to disrupt the judicious and lawful use of natural resources for development.

They clarified that the agitation was against the reckless exploitation of natural resources for business purposes, violating existing rules and safety guidelines.

The participants of the meet also took an oath expressing their willingness to fight for the cause and stand united across Kerala to resist illegal mining and quarrying business. Gandhian and environmentalist Thayat Balan administered the oath. Kerala river protection Committee secretary T.V. Rajan was present.

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