Gas leak in Badlapur creates panic, officials say situation under control

Officials said the gas leak took place at a chemical factory at Shirgaon MIDC.

A gas leakage from a chemical factory in Badlapur was reported on Thursday night, creating panic in the area. No casualties were reported.

According to preliminary information, the incident took place around 10:22 pm at a factory called Nobel Intermediates Pvt, at Shirgaon MIDC, in Aptewadi area. According to sources, the cause of the leakage is believed to be overheating.

People in the area reported experiencing trouble in breathing. “There is a major gas emission issue being experienced by residents in Badlapur East Shirgaon Katrap area. It’s all foggy and unbreathable at the moment here,” a resident told The Indian Express.

As soon as the matter was reported to the authorities, the fire brigade rushed to the factory and the leakage was stopped around 23:24 pm. The situation is now under control, officials said.

Badlapur civic officials inspected the factory and said the gas is not toxic.

“We appeal to citizens not to panic and remain at home for a few hours,” a Thane RDMC official said.

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