Forest staff burn seized skins

Forest Department officials set fire to animal skin and antlers that were seized in various offences at the office of the Chief Conservator of Forests, Vellore on Wednesday.

According to an official, 13 antlers, skin of two spotted deer and a skin of a sloth bear were burnt in the presence of K.K. Kaushal, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (northern region), Vellore and Sewa Singh, Chief Conservator of Forests, Vellore circle.

“The antlers and skin were burnt as per the instructions of the Chief Wildlife Warden, Chennai. These were seized in various offences in Vellore Forest Division,” an official of the Forest Department said.

He added that the department has a standard operating procedure to dispose of such skin.

“In case of accumulation, we have to send a proposal to the Chief Wildlife Warden, Chennai, and obtain permission.”

“Based on the official’s order, we can dispose it of. There are procedures on how to dispose of skin of various animals. For other than carnivores, we can dispose of the skin of animals in the presence of an official in the rank of Conservator of Forests and above, and members of NGOs and media,” he explained.

R. Murugan, District Forest Officer, Vellore and V.A. Saravanan, Assistant Conservator of Forests, Vellore, were present.

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