‘Earth Day’ celebrations

An exhibition organised by students of Bell Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Palayamkottai in connection with ‘Earth Day’ celebrations showcased their thirst for conserving the environment and ‘Mother Earth’ from all kinds of pollution.

The day-long event, christened ‘Earth Safari’, brought out the best in the budding conservationists. Apart from a few regular models, the exhibits and models on conserving water and energy attracted the visitors.

“More than 700 models that reiterate on water, electricity and environment conservation have been exhibited in today’s event,” said the organisers.

A model developed by one of the students, with use-and-throw plastic bottles to grow plants with little water, won appreciation.

Student and rated player Suganthan of class 9, who played chess with 100 players, including students, parents and chess players, defeated 99 opponents and played the game blindfolded with five students to defeat all of them.

Industrialist and school correspondent Gunasingh Chelladurai has designed a simple device that can be fitted in taps with ease to save 50% of the water. “We’ve decided to patent the device,” he said.

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