Crimes go up in Ludhiana as cop presence goes down post Diwali

With police presence in the city visibly going down post Diwali, anti-social elements seem to be gaining momentum once again.

As many as four cases of snatching, two cases of vehicle lifting and eight cases of burglaries have been reported in the city since November 15.

The number of these crimes was much lower between November 9 and November 15, when the Ludhiana police had deployed around 2,500 personnel across the city to control the law and order situation amid the festive rush.

The police had also formed 120 patrolling teams and set up 125 checkpoints at various points in the city during this period. The security plan clearly worked and only four cases of snatching, burglary and vehicle lifting were reported in the week before Diwali.

However, as police withdrew its personnel from the city markets and other public places, the crimes starting going up again.

On November 17 alone, four cases of burglary and one case of snatching was reported in the city.

Police commissioner Rakesh Agrawal said, “The safety and security of citizens is our priority and we will increase patrolling and checkpoints in the coming days to deter such incidents.”

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