Corporation bets on RFID to track waste collection

In a significant move to improve the efficiency of door-to-door collection and transportation of solid waste, the Tiruchi City Corporation has decided to introduce radio frequency identification (RFID) tag system.

Under the system, households will be fixed with chip embedded RIFD tags that contain an integrated circuit and antenna to transmit data to the RFID reader. Similarly, sanitary workers, who visit their respective wards to collect garbage from households, will be provided with RIFD reader. It becomes active when the garbage collectors visit the households to collect domestic waste.

The RFID reader records various data including quantum of collection, date and time of collection, household coverage and others. Information collected from the RFID tags is then transferred to the host computer system or control room and the data is stored in a database for analysis.

The authorised persons, who has access to the control room or host computer, can monitor the progress of garbage collection on a real time basis. Based on the data, he can command the concerned sanitary workers to do specific tasks.

Speaking to
The Hindu
, Corporation Commissioner cum Special Officer N. Ravichandran, said that the Tiruchi Corporation would soon introduce the RFID tracking system as part of the modernisation of waste management system in the city. It will be initially implemented on a pilot basis in a few wards.The carts and vehicles being employed for domestic and commercial waste collection and transportation would be affixed with RFID reader.

He added that the objective of the proposed plan was for real time monitoring of status of garbage collection, estimate of waste collected, monitoring the movement of vehicles, optimisation of routes and redeployment of sanitary workers for carrying out specific tasks. The system would make a real difference in the overall efficiency of garbage collection and disposal in the city.

Mr. Ravichandran said that the corporation has already begun consultation with a few service providers. The wards, where the project will be implemented on a pilot basis, would be identified shortly.

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