Corpn. to take up model road project after Suez lays pipeline

Even as it goes about surveying other parts of the old city, Suez India Private Limited, the company that is implementing 24×7 water supply distribution improvement project, will first lay a water pipeline on D.B. Road, R.S. Puram.

Sources in the Coimbatore Corporation said that the civic body had asked the company to take up the work first on D.B. Road so that it could subsequently take up the model road development project there.


The corporation proposed to develop 1.80 km stretch of the D.B. Road as a model road by redesigning pedestrian pathways, providing additional facilities there, constructing on-road parking facilities, constructing utility ducts, etc.

The sources said that Suez would lay the water pipeline for 1.80 km each on both sides of the road beneath the car parking facility to be provided so that the corporation could go about developing it into a model road.

The pipeline to be laid would be plastic in some places and mild steel in others and would be a part of the larger distribution network.

The corporation sources said it expected Suez to begin the work once the company received the consignment of pipelines. After laying the pipeline, the company would seal both ends and go about completing its survey work.

It would resume working on D.B. Road while taking up pipeline laying work in R.S. Puram, which could be a year or two away. The early laying of pipeline was to facilitate the model road project, they reiterated.

Architects familiar with the model road project said the contractor engaged by the corporation had dug a few test pits to assess the alignment of the underground sewer and water supply lines. Once the alignment was marked, the contractor could go ahead redesigning the road.

The new plan for the model road would leave intact the 90-plus trees there. The pedestrian pathway would be two-metre wide and so would be the car parking on each side of the road.

There would be sign boards, seating arrangements and also space for hawkers. People walking on the pathway would know where the next bank or hospital was. Likewise, there would be rainwater harvesting facility on the entire 1.80-km stretch, they added.

The model road work, the sources said, would take two months to complete.

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