Cop charged with raping Uzbekistan national: Victim refused to accompany probe team to Pune, say police

Woman has alleged that accused inspector also killed two persons at Pune farmhouse.

The Mumbai Police, investigating a rape case against police officer Anil Jadhav, claimed that the victim was not co-operating with the probe. The victim in turn has alleged inaction on the part of Chembur police. Earlier the woman’s lawyer had released a ‘sting video’ to show how the senior inspector of Chembur police had spoken rudely to the woman.

The police have written to the victim, an Uzbekistan national, asking her to accompany them to Pune where she alleged the officer had murdered two persons at his farmhouse. The police said that when they called the woman to join the investigating team, she refused to do so and asked them to speak to her lawyer. Following this, the police have sent the request in writing. But the woman said that the police should first arrest Jadhav whose interrogation would reveal the spot where the murder took place. The Chembur police registered a rape case against Jadhav on Thursday based on her statement.

A senior officer said that apart from the rape charges, the victim told them that Jadhav had buried a woman who died of drug overdose and later murdered her brother who came enquiring about her at a farmhouse in Velhe taluka of Pune in 2016 when he was posted with the Pune police. “When we called her and asked her to accompany the police team to Pune, she refused and asked us to talk to her lawyer. We have now written to her requesting her to join the probe,” a senior officer said. He added, “The address she has provided is insufficient to find the farmhouse.”

The victim’s lawyer Nitin Satpute said, “Jadhav has recently also been arrested by the Pune Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB). They would have a list of his properties. Shouldn’t the police take details from them which will help them locate the farmhouse.” He added, “More importantly why is the police not arresting him and ask him to take them to the spot. Normally it is the accused who is taken to the scene of crime not the victim.” The police said they wanted to gather evidence about the allegations before they rush into arresting the accused.

The victim told The Indian Express that she refused to join the probe as her son is unwell and she had to take him to the hospital. “I am struggling to meet day to day expenses and also get my son to a good hospital. If the police arrest him and interrogate him in custody, he will surely open up and tell them about the murders,” the woman said.

The Chembur police on Thursday night registered a rape case against Jadhav, a police inspector attached to the Pimpri Chinchwad police. The FIR was registered on the basis of a complaint given by the Uzbek national who told the police that the accused had raped her since 2004 when she came to the country.

Police had identified her earlier as a Russian national, but said Monday that based on her documents, they had now found that she was from Uzbekistan.

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