Content found offensive to be removed: Vada Chennai director

Vada Chennai
director Vetri Maaran has tendered an unconditional apology and said that he will be removing a scene from the movie which had evoked strong objections from a few groups.

In a video statement, the director said that he had received feedback from a few fishermen organisations that they have taken offence to a scene in the film which depicted a wedding night pictured on a fishing boat.

The film, which released last week, has actor Dhanush essaying the title role in the gangster drama set in North Chennai and has several scenes shot in and around the harbour area.

“Our aim never was to create politics or show any community in a bad light and we apologise if any individual or community has taken offence to our film. We have already started work to remove the content which was found to be offensive,” the director said.

Stating that they had to follow the process and go through the censor board, he added that in seven to ten days, the changes would be implemented.

“In the second and third parts of the trilogy which have been planned, we plan to speak about the problems of the residents of the areas shown in the film as well as highlight how many persons from there have been successful in various fields,” Mr. Vetri Maaran said.

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