‘Community radio is the movement of citizens’

Communities across the globe share the same spirit as that of members of Sangham Radio, said Al-Amin Yusuph, information and communication adviser for South Asia, UNESCO.

“You are the best example for the Fourth Estate where you enjoy complete independence in terms of content and what to broadcast. It uses community language and shares community resources. It is the movement of citizens,” said Al-Amin, addressing a gathering of Sangham Radio activists at Machanoor in Jarasangam mandal on Monday.

He was here to participate in the 10th anniversary celebrations of Sangham Radio being run by the Deccan Development Society (DDS).

“Mining workers in Bolivia and Maasais in Kenya share the same spirit as you do. You disseminate knowledge among communities and the uneducated. You are speaking about your local requirements and addressing them locally. Women are being empowered with your activity,” he said.

N.A. Shaa Ansari, president of Community Radio Association of India, expressed displeasure over community radio being distant from the community with the policies of the government. Referring to two community radios Rimjim and Sandhya, he said they are able to generate revenues through local advertisements.

Viniod Pavarala, UNESCO Chair on Community Radio, University of Hyderabad, explained the long struggle of Sangham Radio in getting licence and recalled his association with this community radio.

The event was presided over by DDS director P.V. Satheesh. Sangham Radio organisers General Narasamma and Algol Narsamma were felicitated.

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