CM’s participation in meet on ZBNF a publicity stunt: MLC

The participation of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in an international programme on agriculture at the UN is an example of the TDP government’s “publicity-mongering,” BJP MLC P.V.N. Madhav has said.

The programme was organised by BNP Paribas SA, with which the State government had entered into an MoU to borrow Rs. 16,000 crore for Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF), he told the media here on Thursday.

All the nine key-note speakers were those borrowing from the BNP Paribas SA. Though the conference was held in the UN building, it was not among the 300 listed programmes of the UN, Mr. Madhav said. Natural farming was in fact a Union Government programme. Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and the North-Eastern States had been selected for a pilot project, he said. “However, no effort is being made to implement it and no success has been achieved,” he said, terming the publicity as a “hoax.”

FiberNet connectivity

Another programme launched with much fanfare in Visakhapatnam, which failed miserably, was FiberNet connectivity to households. Broadband, TV and telephone were promised under it for Rs. 149 per month. Against the claim of one-crore connections by July 2018, only one-lakh had been given so far, he said.

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