Civic body chief warns of exhausting resources

Corporation Commissioner Alby John Varghese on Friday participated in an interaction with students of Thoothukudi Medical College to create anti-plastic awareness .

Mr. Varghese pointed out that August 2 was observed as Earth Overshoot day. “After the 15th of a month, many people borrow as they run out of cash. They repay the debts after getting their paychecks the next month,” he said. “Similarly, mankind has used up all resources that can be regenerated this year already, and are now borrowing from 2019.”

He said the world had been overrunning the resources earlier than before year after year. “By 2030, the Overshoot Day will fall in June.”

On the need for a sustainable approach, he urged the students to make sure they carried their own bags while shopping in order to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Dean R. Ramasubramanian said the medical college and hospital premises would be free from single-use plastics in a month or two.

Vice-Principal Lucy Nirmal Medona said a number of programmes, including quiz and elocution competitions, would be held in the college to improve awareness.

City Health Officer Dr. Vinoth Raja and Head of Department, Community Medicine, A. Charles Ponruban were present.

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