Channelising communication skill into a successful business

It took Sharmila Devi a total of seven years post her marriage to recognise and act on her passion to start a business. The Founder and Director of Seven Clover Coaching services, who was married immediately after she completed her college education, says that she channelised her ease of connecting with people into a successful undertaking.

Mrs. Sharmila Devi who is a motivational speaker and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) expert took a long route to reach her goal.

However, Mrs. Sharmila Devi says that her true passion lay in Human Resource Management. “I recognised that I could communicate with people and was enamoured by the fact that many people did not speak their mind. I began mastering different courses under NLP and trained people in team-building and goal oriented training,” she says.

Since then, she has conceptualised various programmes for businesses, teenagers and couples. As per her website, the entrepreneur focuses on the power to manage and balance one’s actions, impulses, or emotions through workshops titled ‘Self Mastery’, ‘Reborn’ and ‘Happy Couple’.

“I have done over 50 programmes on various topics and hope to touch the lives of children as they are the future leaders of tomorrow,” she says. For this reason, she has also conceptualised ‘Teen Masters’- a workshop to develop emotional intelligence and effective manage feelings.

Through this event, she has been able to understand the pulse of young students in their first and second years of college.

Born in a business family, the routine conversation at home was about stock, supply and day-to-day affairs. This ignited the spirit of entrepreneurship at a very young age.

“Ever since I was a young girl, I had clear sights about my end goal. I wanted to help people speak at ease,” she says. Post her graduation in 2002, her priorities switched towards taking care of her family. Aiding her husband K. Pounraj in his business, Sharmila travelled to different parts of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Though she did dabble in multi-level marketing for a private brand, it did not take off when she moved countries.

“In 2009, we moved back to India. By this time, my children were fairly older. As I wanted to do something with my life, I began ‘Ideal Kids’- a leadership training course for young children using play-way method of teaching. I used clay and craft to teach children confidence through summer camps. Since, I lived in a gated community these camps received great response,” she says.

To help couples get a grip over finance, Mrs. Sharmila will soon launch ‘Romance with Finance’ where couples can get a crash course on how to effectively budget a household and manage funds. She says that for all changes to occur, one must have a learning mind that ‘walks the talk’.

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