Chandigarh sports department issues guidelines as stadiums, complexes open today

While the MHA allowed opening of stadiums and sports complexes Monday, UT administration took the final decision on Friday.

A day after the Sports Authority of India (SAI) issued an SOP for the guidelines for the start of training at SAI centres across India, Chandigarh Sports Department finalised the guidelines to open its 20 plus sports complexes and stadiums which will open Saturday.

With guidelines like allowing only ten Category A sports including athletics etc, no training for children below ten years of age and elders above 60 years, no training for recreational players and restricted number of trainees in batches, the Sector 42 Sports Complex, Sector 7 Sports Complex and other complexes will see action after more than two months.

“After getting the SAI guidelines, we finalised the UT Sports Department guidelines today. We have decided to start training in ten category A sports like archery, athletics, badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis, weightlifting, golf, shooting, fencing and cycling too are allowed. Sports like cricket, volleyball, basketball, football, hockey etc come in category B and are not allowed. Similarly, contact sports category C are not allowed. Regarding allowing category B sports, we will take the final decision in a fortnight,” said Tejdeep Singh Saini, director sports, UT.

While the MHA allowed opening of stadiums and sports complexes Monday, UT administration took the final decision on Friday. The UT Sports department sanitised the complexes and stadiums in the last four days and the coaches also attended sessions on preventive measures. While less number of players will be allowed in batches, no recreational players will be allowed to train and parents of trainees too will not be allowed. Players will be screened daily. “We conducted sessions for coaches to prepare for the training. The complexes will be open from 7 am to 6 pm daily and there will be 8-10 players in a batch. The next batch will start only after trainees of the earlier batch leave. Players are required to bring masks and sanitizers and the department will also provide sanitizers at stadiums,” added Saini.

“Only two players will be allowed per court. All 12 courts will be sanitised daily. No group coaching will be done and we have also stopped groups for junior players. Players cannot touch the balls given by CLTA with hands and coaches will make them play,” said Romen Singh, chief coach, CLTA.

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