Call to safeguard peace-loving nature of people

Arguing that Indians, particularly Tamils, were inherently peace-loving and harmonious, Father Jagath Gaspar, political commentator, said that it was important to safeguard and strengthen this culture to fight divisive right wing forces.

Speaking at a conference organised by St. Joseph’s Social Welfare Movement (JSWM) here on Sunday, he said this peace-loving nature of people was the ‘permanent power’ that the progressive forces must use against the ‘temporary power’ obtained through electoral politics by the forces that were in power in the country now.

He stressed the need for being aware of the rapid politicisation of judiciary and bureaucracy that often wielded more power than the governments elected every five years. “These power structures are still controlled by a small section of the society,” he said.

He said that Christians must not think of themselves as a minority since they belonged to the majority of the population that believed in humanity and fought against the hatred spread by divisive forces.

N. Nanmaran, former Communist Party of India (Marxist) MLA, said youngsters should lead in the fight against capitalist forces in safeguarding natural resources.

Antony Pappusamy, Archbishop, Archdiocese of Madurai, who inaugurated the conference, said that at a time when certain forces were trying to divide the people of the country along religious lines, it was important for movements such as JSWM to stand with the masses in tackling societal problems.

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