BJP, TDP admirers troll each other over Statue of Unity

A day after Prime Miniter Narendra Modi unveiled the Statue of Unity in Gujarat, the social media platforms were abuzz with the alleged ignoring of Telugu on the plaque.

The Twitterati was virtually divided on party lines with Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and IT Minister N. Lokesh tweeting that Telugu, the third largest spoken language in the country, was ignored.

“I am pained that there is no recognition for Telugu. The third largest spoken language in the country has no recognition near the Statue of Unity. The Telugus are discriminated even though the use of language would not be a burden of even a paise. It is need of the hour that the Telugus need to think and express their anguish,” Mr. Naidu said in his tweet.

Mr. Lokesh tweeted that Modiji was successful in launching the world’s tallest statue, but failed to protect the spirit of unity of Patel. The BJP insulted the self-respect of the Telugus, he said.

Kanna’s retort

State BJP president Kanna Lakshminarayana retorted saying, “It is pretty clear that @ncbn is capitalising on Statue of Unity for his own benefits. One can clearly notice the Telugu words Ikya Bharatam-Shrestha Bharatam #TDPLiesExposed.”

The Twitterati recalled how Mr. Naidu had insulted Telugu during the foundation-laying of capital city Amaravati. They posted pictures of Mr. Naidu and Mr. Modi standing beside a plaque written in English.

JanaSainik, a netizen who is using logo of the Jana Sena Party (JSP), said Mr. Naidu should not forget that fact before criticising others. He posted a picture of the ceremony. In response, admirers of Mr. Naidu posted a picture with plaque written in Telugu.

Sarmagarimella @garimella tweeted that the Chief Minister himself was misleading people with fake pictures. He even posted comparative pictures (fake and original) to prove his claims. The netizens also questioned the sincerity of the government in the promotion of Telugu. They pointed out that official correspondence was in English though there had been a demand to use Telugu.

Poorna1404, another netizen, pointed out that Mr. Naidu and his son Mr. Lokesh had conveniently forgotten Potti Sriramulu, who fought for the Telugu State on November 1, formation of State (combined AP).

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