Aspiration survey in two phases

The city Corporation will conduct a wide-ranging people’s aspiration survey ahead of the preparation of the city’s master plan.

Mayor V.K. Prashant, standing committee chairpersons, and officials of the Town Planning Department briefed the media about the action plan over the next one year as part of the preparation of the master plan, which is proposed to be delivered to the State government in October next year.

The people’s aspiration survey is being held in two phases. The first phase, of collecting responses to a detailed questionnaire from all the ward councillors, is now almost over.

Based on this, the local body officials will conduct presentations in all the hundred wards.

Colour-coding map

Later, response will be garnered on the aspirations and issues with the proposed plan, from the ward residents. Door-to-door surveys will be held in 10% of the households.

According to Town Planning officials, the new master plan will incorporate the airport colour-coding map and various other schemes into its maps. The maps will thus be a single-point source for information on what activities can be carried out or cannot be carried out in a specific area.

More than 800 maps are being prepared for the entire city with all the minute details, including the land-use pattern, the type of each road and building, and even location of street lights.

Land-use pattern

The Mayor said the existing land-use map preparation was one of the most important steps. The local body plans to ensure the participation of all the citizens, and address all their concerns.

The plan is to launch the process from the Attipra-Kattayikkonam area, which had witnessed the biggest protests against the Draft master plan 2031 that was scrapped.

The surveys will be carried out by the technical cell of the National Service Scheme. Sixty teams with two members each have been formed. Working groups have been set up across 18 sectors for the preparation of the plan.

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