‘Art work in Kalaburagi is much in tandem with India’s history’

Kalaburagi-based artist Arvind Tonape launched a solo painting exhibition,“Rise of the Horse”, at Chaitanyamayi Art Gallery in Kalaburagi on Sunday.

Mr. Tonape has encapsulated the vigour of horses through paintings, oil colour and water colors. As many as 25 of his drawings and paintings of horses with different shades are hogging the limelight at the three-day art exhibition in the city.

“After working on different subjects, I decided to focus on the horse, an animal that is found on the main doors of almost all houses in the rural area of Hyderabad Karnataka region,” Mr. Tonape said and added that the paintings hope to capture the “enigma of an animal that has been part of our history for over centuries now”.

National Lalitkala Academy Award winner and artist Mohammed Ayazuddin Patel, in his address, said that art is the universal language that can open doors for artists to showcase their work to the global audience.

He added that Kalaburagi’s contribution to various forms of paintings and art had been immense and the different styles of paintings needed to be supported and protected to preserve their ingenuity and richness.

Mr. Patel said that art work is much in tandem with India’s history, and the region being known as the land that portrayed cultural and traditional vibrancy through its conventional arts and crafts, speaks volumes about Kalaburagi’s rich heritage.

Manjula Bhanuprakash, managing director of Akruti Trust, inaugurated the exhibition. A.S. Patil, director of Chaitanyamayi Art Gallery, was present.

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