Accidents: Tangedco cautions people

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) has appealed to the public to be cautious and stay away from water or water logged areas during rain to avoid electrical accidents.

According to a Tangedco press release, the public should not cut trees, branches passing through or near electrical lines, should not touch transformers, pillar boxes, electrical poles, and should avoid using wires or poles to tie ropes for drying clothes, and should not use electrical appliances or phones during lightning or thunder during rain.

If there is any snapped electricity conductor, the public should inform the nearest Tangedco office and should not touch the conductor.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker should be provided in all electrical installations with connected load of five KW or above and heavy vehicles should not be parked near overhead lines to load or unload materials.

The public should not stand near windows and doors during thunder or lightning and should not attempt to extinguish electrical fire with water.

Animals should not be secured to electric poles or stay wires.

Electrical supply for home appliances should be through three pin plug sockets with earth point provision controlled by suitable switch controls.

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