A-G lashes out at riots, intolerance

“There is an incident of major rioting every week, even by educated groups…The Marathas in Maharashtra, the SCs/STs… Nothing is done,” Mr. Venugopal said.

“What is to be done,” Chief Justice Misra asked Mr. Venugopal.

“Fix responsibility on someone! Once the responsibility is fixed on the Superintendent of Police of each district, the scenario will change. The courts can haul him up, ask him to show the videos of the incident, ask him how many FIRs have been filed,” Mr. Venugopal said.

“You cannot touch third-party property… for that matter, you cannot burn your own house… these happenings must stop,” Chief Justice Misra observed orally.

The court was hearing a plea by the Kerala-based Kodungallur Film Society, represented by advocate P.V. Dinesh, which said “common people think anarchy prevails” in the country.

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