Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 October 2018 written update of full episode: Naira back in Goenka house with a great welcome

In today’s episode, Suwarna apologises to Akshara for her bad behaviour with Naira earlier. She promises to complete the responsibility that she has taken. Naira’s Bidaai ceremony starts. Naksh says to Kartik to take the drama queen Naira to his house. He also wishes him all the best. Naira gets angry with him a bit but later on she smiles. Kartik apologises to Naksha and Naitik. He is also thankful to them for trusting him. He promises that he will take care of Naira. He also says that last time it was his first wedding so he didn’t have any experience but now he has it so he can advice any husband about how to make their wife happy. He promises to keep all the promises. He also assures Sighania family that he will never leave Naira alone in any situation. He says that he will always trust Naira and will not break her trust. Suwarna is also happy to know that. Kartik also says to Naira that if they fight with each other, they will not get upset with each other very seriously but they will have some fun. He also assures all that Naira’s smallest and biggest joy is his responsibility and he promises to fulfill his responsibility. Naitik says to him that even if he would have not said anything, he knew that he will do it. Kartik and Naira hold each other’s hand. They leave for Goenka’s house. Manish also says thanks to Naitik for returning the lady of their house back. They hug each other. Suwarna also asks all to come to their house with the protext of meeting Naira. Devyani also asks her to keep coming to Singhania house as well. Naira meets all. She asks Naksh to take care of Kirti. Naksh also asks her to take care of herself. Rajshree blesses Kartik and Naira with happiness. She says to Kartik to fulfill his promises. Kartik takes the box of medicines of Naira assuring that he will take care of it. Devyani and Bhabhi maa says that Naira has been sent off. They pray for her happiness and contenment.

In the Goenka house, Suhasini informs the Pandit that Naira and Kartik are about to come home. Akhilesh is still worried. He gets a call from someone ‘Bhai’. He attends the call. While talking over the call, the family photograph falls down and gets broken into pieces. Suhasini is very much shocked to see that. She screams out of fear saying ‘No’. Akhilesh is also tensed to see her reaction.

On the other side, Naira and Kartik are on the way to home along with Suwarna and Manish. Suhasini is very much hurt because of the broken family photo. Akhilesh has still not disconnected the call of ‘Bhai’. Suddenly the weather changes. Fog gets spread everywhere. All are surprised to see the weather change. The Pandit is also wondering about how the fog started spreading suddenly. Suhasini prays to Goddess Durga as Naira is coming home and there is sudden change in the weather. She asks Goddess for the reason for bad omen indications like breaking of the family photo and sudden fog in the weather. She prays to Goddess to avert the mishap. She also prays for all smooth life for Naira and Kartik without any pain. She begs the Goddess to get rid of the fog and fill the life of her kids with light and happiness. She notices that Naira and Kartik have reached there. She keeps the broken frame down. She goes to see them. She is not able to see them but later the fog gets disappeared. She is very happy to see Naira and Kartik together and safe. Naira also gets emotional as she is finally at Goenka’s house. Suhasini hugs both of them with love. She says to them that they have stepped in at the correct time as she was scared of the strange shadow some time back. She says the fog got disappeared as they entered. She informs them that she got made a family photo using eight elements which got broken, later her vow of silence got broken which she had kept for Naira. She feels sad as whatever she thinks, nothing happens like that. Suwarna asks her not to worry as Kartik and Naira are back so everything will be fine now. Kartik also assures Suhasini that they won’t let happen anything worng. Naira also says to her that they get courage with their blessings and love so they can fight any obstacle. She also asks her to be relax as no one in the family will face any problem. Manish enquires about Surekha to Akhil He says that she is in her room as she is not well. Suhasini asks Suwarna to welcome her daughter in law and bless the couple. Suhasini feels that Kartik and Naira will definitely try hard to protect the family but she is scared of the fog. She is restless as she thinks that the fog was an indication of a bad news. Kartik and Naira enter the house. All the family welcomes them with flowers. Naira recollects the first time she came to the house. Kartik also pours flowers on Naira. She is very happy. Naira sees the broken frame. She ties the frame with the red thread kept there with the help of Kartik. Suhasini is happy to see that. Akhil again gets a call from Bhai. He doesn’t attend the call. Naira and Kartik keeps the frame as it was kept earlier. All appreciate them. Suwarna performs the rituals of welcoming her daughter in law with Aarti. Naira enters the house by pushing the pot of rice with her right feet. Suwarna says that on the occasion of Navratri Goddess arrive at home but on the same day her daughter in law also has arrived. She trusts that everything will be fine now. Suhasini gifts Naira with a silver coil as a blessing. Kartik says to Suhasini that she can bless Naira without the silver coin also. She explains Kartik that when we promise a thing while holding a silver coin in hand, it needs to be fulfilled for the rest of the life. So she asks all of them to welcome Naira in the same manner. Luv & Kush also gift her a coin promising that they will never fight with her. Suwarna also gifts her a coin assuring that she will try to be the best mother. She also asks Naira to show her the right path if she commits mistake at any point. Manish says that he is scared of her as she scolds him for his mistakes. He promises not to commit any mistake and if he commits mistake, then he will cover it up with his love and blessings. Akhil also blesses them to be together always with lot of happiness and without any misunderstanding. He says that it is the blessing of Surekha and him.

Kartik says that all of them have given such lovely promises so there is nothing left for him. He promises Naira to love her hundred times more than he has loved her so far, he will trust her thousands of time more than he had on her. He also assures that he will make love as the base for their relationship and trust as the pillar. He also assures her that he will treat her like a queen and if he commits any mistake, he will get moustache done. All laugh at that note. Naira is very happy.

Precap: In tomorrow’s episode, Naira and Kartik decide to protect their families from all the obstacles.

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