Yeh hai mohabbatein 4 October 2018 written update of full episode: Ruhi surprises all with her suggestion to Alia

In today’s episode, Sudha meets Monica, the manager of marriage bureau. Sudha talk to her about Ruhi as she must have got hurt as Rohan likes Alia and not her. She asks Monica whether Bhallas are ready to accept Rohan and Alia’s relation. Monica informs her that in fact Romi hit Rohan very badly and Ishita also fired her for that. She further informs Sudha that Romi has warned Rohan. Monica feels that it has been a huge loss to her. Sudha offers some cash to Monica saying that the money may revoke her losses. Monica is surprised to see that but Sudha asks her to keep the money and keep informing her about Bhallas. Monica asks her for the reason about it. Sudha says that she loves to donate money like that and looks with anger. Monica keeps mum. Sudha asks her to take the money and get lost without asking any question to her. Monica takes the money and leaves from there. Sudha notices that Mani is there with some client in the same restaurant. She goes to see him. Mani leaves from there without talking to her. Sudha asks him whether he will not listen to her for the sake of his daughter. She tells him that she wants to discuss about Alia with him and he should spare some time for that. Mani asks the person with him to go and sit as he will join him in a minute. He asks Sudha about what she wants to say about Alia. She asks him to sit and talk to her. Sudha asks him whether he feels that Ishita and Raman assume Alia as their real daughter. Mani is very sure about it. But Sudha has something to say listening to which she may not think like that.

In the next scene, Ishita sees that Raman is very much worried about Ruhi. She tells him that Ruhi is fine. She further informs him that Ruhi had soup and she is resting now. Ishita is equally worried about Alia. She feels that as whatever happened was not good for Ruhi but Alia is also very much scared after the incidence. Raman is angry with the shameless behaviour of Rohan. She still feels that Rohan is not that kind of a guy. She explains Raman that Rohan met Alia for a couple of times and he fall in love with her which is natural. But Raman is very much angry with Rohan as his behaviour has hurt Ruhi. Ishita is still trying to tell him that Rohan is not a bad guy as if he would have been then he would have not behaved nicely when she hit his car and today also he was behaving in a civilised manner. She further reminds Raman that Rohan was just trying to ask them to listen to him once. She asks Raman to think about Alia. Alia is very young and one day or the other they will have to get her married. She further explains him that they should keep the issue of their one daughter on other side but if there is a good proposal for Alia so they should think about it as they also want Alia to settle down in life.

Sudha says to Mani that Ishita and Raman are not thinking about Alia otherwise they would have not hit Rohan so badly as he loves Alia who is Mani’s daughter. She further makes Mani think about Rohan and Alia’s wedding as Rohan loves her and there is no issue with that. She also asks him that whether he wants his daughter to live her whole life as a widow. Mani looks at her. Sudha further tries to make him understand that Bhalla family has backward thoughts even though they pretend to be modern as they are not thinking about Alia. She also says to him that Bhallas may not be willing for the remarriage of Alia. Mani says nothing on that and leaves from there. Sudha wants to see how much bonding is there between Raman’s family and Mani’s family as they pretend to be very close to each other.

Ishita feels that she might be saying wrong to Raman about Alia. But later Raman realises that Ishita is right and they should also think about Alia as they have assumed her their daughter. But he feels that they should give some time to Alia and then decide what she wants to do about it. Ishita agrees with him.

In the next scene, Alia is packing her clothes. Shagun asks her to have something as she has not eaten anything from quite a long time. But Alia is very much frustrated and blames herself for whatever happened with Ruhi. Shagun asks her to calm down and get along with her at her house. But Alia wants to be with Bhalla family as she cannot leave them when they are very much tensed. Shagun is not understanding what Alia is trying to do. Alia tells her that she should not wear all the colourful dresses as she is a widow. She feels that because of her wearing colourful clothes, all the confusion happened and Ruhi has got hurt. She says to Shagun that she is the widow of Adi and she wants to live with it. She doesn’t want anyone to come in her life anymore. She shows the white clothes to Shagun and tells her that she will be wearing white clothes henceforth as she is a widow. She doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s life.

On the other side, Karan asks Rohan for stopping him from fighting with Romi as he feels bad to see Rohan hit by him. Rohan feels that he could have also reacted to Romi but it was his mistake as he held Alia’s hand. But he asks Karan to look at the other point where Bhalla family fought for their daughter in law. But Karan is angry with Alia as she could have stopped Romi from hitting you so badly. Rohan says to him that she is his sister in law. Karan says that Rohan is very irritating as he has not met Alia much but still he loves her. He thinks that Rohan should come in today’s era where it is all about dating. But Rohan tells him that we all fall in love only once and this is his time. Karan suggests Rohan to download the dating app and date with girl which he likes and don’t indulge in marriage. Rohan asks him to keep it with him as it suits Karan only. Karan asks him to go with the flow but Rohan tells him that he really loves Alia and he wants to marry her only. Karan feels that Rohan is impossible as he is still behind Alia leaving all other options. Rohan says that he will realise when he will fall in real love.

In the next scene, Mani visits Bhallas house. He asks Raman about the marriage proposal which came for Ruhi but the guy likes Alia. Raman’s mother tells him that it is correct. Mani feels that if that guy likes Alia and Alia also likes him then there should not be any issue. Raman tries to make him understand that it is not that easy. But Mani feels that Alia is very young and still she is suffering a lot. She deserves a second chance. Ishita asks Mani to calm down. She tells him that they are also worried about Alia and they are also thinking about the same. Ishita notices that Alia has come up wearing white clothes. She goes to Alia. She asks Alia about the reason for wearing white clothes and not wearing bangles, earrings. Alia tells them that she will be wearing white clothes henceforth like any other widow. All are shocked to hear that. She explains Ishita that she is responsible for whatever happened with Ruhi. Is she would have worn white clothes earlier then such confusion would not have been there. Ishita makes her understand that she is a widow that doesn’t mean that she should wear white clothes. In fact Ishita wants Alia to move on in her life. Mani observes the concern Ishita has for Alia. Ishita asks Raman to make Alia understand the things. They all see Ruhi coming out of her room. Alia apologises Ruhi for whatever happened. Ishita tries to make Ruhi understand that Alia is innocent in that. She requests Ruhi to make Alia understand not to blame herself. Shagun also tells Ruhi that Alia is very much upset with whatever happened with her. But Ruhi doesn’t say anything. She turns back. They all try to call Ruhi but she keeps on walking. She looks losted. Mani asks Shagun to take Alia along with them. Ishita requests him not to take Alia with them. They all notice that Ruhi picks up some Vermilion (sindoor) kept near the God and throws it on Alia. All are surprised to see that. Ruhi applies the vermilion on the head of Alia and hugs her. She asks Alia about who said that she is mistaken in all that. She asks Alia not to wear white clothes as she doesn’t like it. She also agrees with Ishita that no one has mistaken in whatever happened. She explains Alia that she is not angry with Alia and not with Rohan as she doesn’t know him but he likes Alia which is a good thing. She also reminds Alia that Ishita and Raman have never differentiated between Alia and Ruhi ever. So Alia is also daughter of the house. She also says that Alia is like her sister and asks if she can ask Alia for something. Ruhi asks Alia to move on in life by getting married to Rohan as he really loves her a lot. Alia gets emotional. Ruhi hugs her with love. Ishita and entire Bhballa family is happy to see them.

Precap: In tomorrow’s episode, Alia meets Rohan with her family.

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