Yatra is not a biopic says Mahi V Raghav

Entire tollywood has become an dais for making of Biopics which we had seeing in recent times like Mahanati, Ms.Dhoni the untold Story, Ntr kathanayakudu and more over Yatra, which is the life story of Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy(late). If one director had succeds in making Biopic Rest of them starts to live in the path of that direction which results in the failure of NTR kathanayakudu.

Now its time to witness the struggles of Legandary person Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy in yatra flick where actor  Mammootty had replicated the role of Y.S.R , And the teaser along the trailer had created an decent imapct over the film. Later some rumours have been spreaded in a way that this film is going to join in the list of NTR kathanayakudu. But to stop this Negativity director Mahi.V.Raghav had clearly mentioned about the concept of the film” i.e Yatra is not a biopic, but an emotional human drama based on padayatra which was undertaken by life story of Y.S.R.”

Finally the director of this film had concluded that yatra is not a biopic. So who are spreading negativity, look at it once. Moreover this film is going to hit screens on Feb 8th and pre-release event of this film is going to happen on 1st feb.

Lets wait and see what kind of  impact does this film creates over audience..


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