XXXTentacion Mom Reacts to Murder Verdict, Happy for Closure

XXXTentacion‘s family can finally turn the page over his tragic murder now that 3 men were found guilty of killing him — so says his mother … who’s relieved justice was served.

The late rapper’s mom, Cleopatra Bernard, tells TMZ … she and her brood are grateful the jury delivered a guilty verdict, and thankful prosecutors were able to secure it through their work at trial. She says this has given them closure and will allow them to move forward in peace.

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We’re told she’s also sending love and thanks to all of XXX’s supporters … who showed up for him in a variety of ways during this saga — both digitally and, in some cases, in person.

XXXTentacion's Accused Killers Found Guilty of Murder

XXXTentacion's Accused Killers Found Guilty of Murder

As for whether Cleopatra anticipated this outcome, she tells us she actually did … and went into court Monday expecting all three defendants would be found guilty of murder — which, of course, they were after about 2 weeks of deliberations. She was also wearing an XXX shirt.

Cleopatra says the experience has been gut-wrenching but is glad it’s all over now.

One last thing from Cleopatra here — she tells us that the attempt to rope Drake into this trial from the defense side was a transparently desperate ploy just to raise doubt — and insists she and her loved ones always knew who was responsible for her son’s death.

That would be the 3 guys who now face serious prison time — Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome, and Dedrick Williams. Their fates seemed to have been sealed when another man admitted to being involved in the murder and testified against them, laying it all on the table.

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