Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds forced to improvise Super Bowl ad

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Aside from being Hollywood royalty, Ryan Reynolds, 46, is also a successful businessman with his brand Aviation Gin as well as his Welsh football club Wrexham. However, the star found his time a bit divided between his ventures, forcing him to improvise his Super Bowl adverts and leaving fans in stitches and debates.

In an advertisement for his brand Aviation Gin, Ryan admitted he didn’t have time to create a fully-fleshed advertising campaign for the Super Bowl.

Standing at a bar, decorated only with an American football helmet and Aviation Gin bottles, the actor jokingly shared his last-minute ad on Instagram.

He shared in the video: “Today is the Super Bowl… and you’re probably wondering why Aviation Gin hasn’t done anything.”

“As you know I’ve been spending a lot of time with…other football.”

The Hollywood A-lister purchased the Welsh football team Wrexham AFC in 2021 with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney.

The actor was visibly trying to buy time as the advert continued, improvising as he continued: “A minute! We go with ‘minute’, I think.”

“OK, that’s something. It’s not great, but it’s something.”

Ryan then revealed that there may have been more planning behind his appearance than he lead on.

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The actor explained that, during the Super Bowl game, “at each of the two-minute warnings, everyone will have two minutes to enter a sweepstakes”.

Ryan offered the prize of two tickets to next year’s Super Bowl, but paused, questioning if that was something he could actually offer.

He added: “This gives us a year to sort through the legal…” as he trailed off.

He declared the competition official, taking place on the website 2ginutewarning.com, playing off the two-minute warning idea saying “it’s a thing”.

The Deadpool star triumphantly concluded: “It’s not great! But it’ll do.

“Um, can we get someone to build a website today?”

The clip split fans on social media as they argued which “football” was the best.

One questioned, if they won, “Can I exchange for Wrexham tix instead?” another added: “‘Other football’ is a better game.” (sic).

Others applauded Ryan’s “hilarious” ad, with some even declaring it the “Best Superbowl commercial ever.”

The Super Bowl campaign comes just hours after Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively, candidly revealed she had given birth to their fourth child.

The actress, who announced her pregnancy last September, shared a snap with her 38 million followers showing off their food preparations for the Super Bowl.

However, Blake’s baby bump was notably absent in the pics, stirring a frenzy in her fanbase as “congratulations” overwhelmed the comments section.

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