‘World Of Dance’: The Cubcakes Reveal What Happened After A Shocking Injury Shook Up Their Duels

Oh no! On tonight’s ‘World Of Dance,’ the adorable young crew Cubcakes had to go on stage without a member of their team after she fell on her head right before their performance! They spoke to HL about what happened.

In a shocking turn of events, the crowd favorite and always adorable dance crew Cubcakes, filled with young girls ages 9 to 12, had to rearrange their Duel performance 10 minutes before going on stage after a dancer suffered an injury! Kennie Shen, fell on her head while warming up for her World of Dance performance and was told she needed to go to the hospital to be treated and could’t perform. “It was really scary,” Ashlyn Barrett of the Cubcakes told HollywoodLife in an exclusive interview. “I remembered that we had to make sure that our routine was still good without her, because she had this flipping part, and now she wouldn’t be able to do it,” another dancer named Kylia Ramos added. “I’m like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.”

In their moment of need, the girls said Jenna Dewan stepped in to give some advice, and help the girls fix up their routine in a timely manner so they could be Duel-ready. “She came up to us backstage after it happened, and told us, ‘You’re going to be fine and you’re going to go on stage and rock it,’ and that really helped us get through it,” Kylia said. The girls did just that! They took the stage with their amazing facial expressions and totally slayed their performance!

The girls were battling in a three-way duel against waacking group Flip and step group Dem Rhythm Boys, and were the youngest in the competition! While they scored a strong 88 and Flip went to the next round, they were proud of what they accomplished.

I was very proud of them. They did a very good job on stage. I thought they did really well and I’m really glad I got to watch them,” Kennie praised her squad. The girls laughed that they thought Kenny went to the hospital, but when J.Lo asked about her after the performance, they were shocked to see her come out from backstage and join them!

While Cubcakes didn’t make it to the Final Cuts, they are determined to come back to the World of Dance stage next year! “We will definitely be back!” Kennie exclaimed. We hope so!

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