Women Brawl at Cowboys Game, Concession Stand and Someone's Face Destroyed

The penalties in the Raiders-Cowboys game were nothing compared to what went down at a concession stand — at least 3 women throwing, and landing, big punches in an ugly brawl.

So much for all that Thanksgiving spirit crap … these ladies clearly checked theirs at the door Thursday when they entered AT&T Stadium. From the video, all we can tell is something or someone pissed off a female staffer serving refreshments … because she hurled herself over the counter, ready to fight.

Unfortunately for her, the floor was covered in nachos, so she slipped down … giving her opponent a chance to punch her square in the face!!! Ball caps and the combatants’ long hair went flying.

As the fight raged on, at least one other woman and a male concession worker made some feeble attempts to break it up.

Cops tell TMZ … there was a lot of this sorta thing happening during the game. They made several arrests for intoxication, but it’s unclear if either of these women were taken into custody.

Maybe it’s overly passionate fans returning to stadiums post-quarantine, or maybe it’s fans being overly served … but we’ve seen some gnarly fights at NFL games lately. Earlier this month a Titans fan was hurled down several rows at SoFi Stadium during a wild brawl at a Rams game.

BTW, if you were stuffing your face and missed it … the Cowboys lost their game in OT. So, it’s a good bet there were more pissed-off fans fighting in the parking lot.

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