Woman accused of wrecking Una Healy’s marriage says people tried to kill her

The woman accused of wrecking Una Healy’s ­marriage says people have tried to kill her over lies about a fling with the singer’s husband.

Becky Milne, 26, denies partying till 4am with England rugby star Ben Foden behind Saturdays Una’s back soon after she had their second child.

The couple announced their split last week and Una returned to Ireland with kids Aoife Belle, six, and Tadhg, three.

Becky – who is being comforted by Ben – insisted: “All I can say is that it’s categorically untrue.

“I’ve never been to a party with Ben Foden and stayed up until 4am.

“All I have is harassment, death threats, people telling me to kill myself. I’ve got over 3,000 follow requests on Instagram from Irish women trying to send me abuse.”

Property developer Becky, who drives a £30,000 Range Rover Evoque, said: “People have tried to run me off the road.

“I understand people’s problem and I totally understand there is a wrong that has been done to that family.

“But for me or my family to take the blame for someone else’s actions – mine or Ben’s, whatever – that is not OK.”

Becky and Ben – who denies cheating – met through mutual school pals and have been friends for “a couple of years”.

Becky said: “He’s checked that I’m doing OK. He’s used to this sort of thing.

“He holds his hands up to whatever he’s done to ruin or break up his marriage. But it’s not my business.

“I feel so sorry for the family and wish them all the best but it’s not me.”

Asked if she had spoken to Una, she said: “I just don’t want to confirm that either way.”

Una and Ben, who married in 2012, were about to move to the US after he left Premiership side Northampton – where Becky lives with her parents.

A friend of Una said: “She became suspicious about Ben’s behaviour.

“Enough was enough and she confronted him. She decided it’s over. She’s heartbroken and devastated.”

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