Will Young pays tribute to late twin brother Rupert on their birthday

Will Young has paid tribute to his late twin brother Rupert on their birthday.

The singer was heartbroken after Rupert died last year aged 41 having battled depression and addiction.

On Wednesday he shared an emotional video on social media saying his brother is ‘always with him’.

The video was a montage of pictures of Will and Rupert together over years including various family photos of them as children.

The Evergreen singer added the message: ‘It is mine and my twin’s birthday today. I miss him yet feel he is always with me.’

Rupert died on August 2, 2020, having struggled with depression and addiction.

Will spoke at an inquest into his death explaining how caring for his twin before he died ‘became too much’.

Will told the hearing: ‘I was a carer for him but it became too much. He could not look after himself and I did not believe he could look after his own life.

‘I feel it is difficult for me. I am someone who is pretty in control over my emotional wellbeing. I am a functional adult. I have done a lot of work on myself.’

Will said that his brother had been battling with mental health issues for ‘decades’, saying: ‘Rupert struggled with depression and anxiety, I would say for 20 years.’

Will has opened up about Rupert’s mental health battle in the past.

He revealed: ‘There was a moment I remember, when I had to go to some awards thing. I had an album out, I was in a film and I was having a great time professionally.

‘I had to drive past the train station, and I knew that he’d been there for a day, just drinking.

‘But I knew I had to leave him alone. That was tough, of course it was, but you have to get on. And in that respect being so involved in work was a great thing.’

Will found fame after winning Pop Idol in 2002 and went on to release singles such as You and I, Leave Right Now and Your Game.

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