Will Meghan Markle's royal status stop her from being Priyanka Chopra's bridesmaid at her wedding with Nick Jonas? Here's the answer

Everyone is super excited about Priyanka Chopra’s wedding with Nick Jonas. The wedding ceremonies will reportedly happen in Los Angeles and Mumbai with the who’s who in attendance. We are curious about every detail of this huge multi-cultural event and one thing that is there on our minds is whether Meghan Markle will be Priyanka’s bridesmaid or not. She has already expressed her happiness at Priyanka’s engagement and cannot wait for their gorgeous babies. Priyanka attended the royal nuptials in May and there was immense speculation that she would be a bridesmaid. However, it the bridal party consisted only of children from the royal family. Will Meghan be able to be a bridesmaid at Priyanka-Nick’s wedding given her status as royalty? Does royal protocol allow it? (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra writes a heartfelt note for team Quantico; says it’s significant as it has opened doors for;women of color to play leading ladies)

Hollywood website InStyle.com wrote that royal reporter Omid Scobie told Cosmopolitan that there is no rule to prevent Meghan from being a bridesmaid or maid of honour at a commoner’s wedding but it was highly unlikely. After all, Meghan has royal status and it would look odd if she played a prominent role in a layman’s wedding. He told the magazine, “A female royal would not be expected to walk behind a ‘commoner.’” Our desi girl is not a common woman from any angle but we get the statement. He also stated a case in point where Pippa Middleton was able to serve as maid of honor in sister Kate’s wedding but she could only read a prayer at her sister’s marriage.

Also, the presence of Meghan would put a lot of spotlight on her taking away the focus from Priyanka and Nick. Well, the two will definitely get a lot of media coverage but there is a point in it as well. We are sure many media representatives would agree on it. But one thing is clear that no rule can stop Meghan. We hope that these two talented and gorgeous ladies come together in a grand manner at the wedding. The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke about the dawn of a new era, so why not extend it…Just imagine seeing Meghan as Priyanka’s bridesmaid. Fingers crossed!




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