Why Kangana is supporting this designer

After Vidya Balan, Kangana Ranaut is the latest actor promoting young Indian designers.

Kangana took to Instagram to share a series of pictures where she is wearing an outfit designed by Manipur-based Robert Naorem.

‘Fashion should be inclusive, but what is the point of including others and excluding our own?’ Kangana wrote, promoting Robert’s outfit.

‘True meaning of Nationalism is Nation first, our own first,’ she added in her inimitable style, showing a handwoven Manipuri phanek from Robert’s latest collection.

Phanek is a traditional sarong-like skirt worn by Manipuri women. The cloth is tied to the waist and ends at the ankle.

Kangana looks beautiful in the traditional outfit paired beautifully with an embroidered blouse with ruffled sleeves

‘Thank you for all your love for handloom, Manipur and northeast, Kangana. It’s a tribute to all our weavers,’ Robert Naorem stated on Instagram.

Robert wasn’t encouraged to pursue a career in fashion.

He has an MPhil in clinical pyschology, but chose to work as a make-up artist and eventually made his mark as a designer. Today he promotes weavers in his home state and aims to bring Manipuri artistes into the mainstream.

Kangana’s pictures have been shot at her home in Himachal Pradesh where she is locked down with her family.

Take a look!

All photographs: Kind courtesy Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

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