Why is the Mail suddenly talking about all of Prince William’s exes & side chicks?

Here are some photos of Prince William on Day 2 of his solo Singapore trip. I realize that the Sussex Squad is doing another “mute challenge” on this trip, which is funny. In case you weren’t aware, whenever Prince William and/or Kate try to do some solo project, the squad has started going radio silent on social media. Like, they don’t even drag Will and Kate or give them negative attention. It’s funny because it actually works in a weird way – William’s Singapore trip is receiving very little attention, and the British papers were full of all kinds of exclusive reports from Buckingham Palace briefings on… Prince Harry. It feels like BP is actively attempting to distract from William’s trip too. Hilarious.

Anyway, William was “busy” on his second day in Singapore. He did some dragon boat racing, he did a photocall in front of a giant globe (because “Earthshot,” get it?) and he met the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong (in front of the globe). He also wore a baseball cap, because he’s seen Harry wear a baseball cap a lot and so now William can wear one too!

Meanwhile, one of the biggest stories in the Mail in recent days was “She turned down the Prince! So who WAS the woman William tried to date when he and Kate were on a ‘break’? A look back at the royal romances before Wills married Kate – and there are more than you might think!” That’s truly the headline!! The Mail did a deep dive into all of the women Peg allegedly dated or fooled around with before and during his relationship with Kate. What a very strange article to come out while William is doing his second solo international trip after having his staff brief reporters that he wants to be seen as a hot single guy. It’s been clear this whole time that William ordered Kate to stay home during his New York trip and the Singapore trip. It’s been clear that he’s shopping for a new girlfriend/mistress/wife too. Wonder when his hunt will be reported openly.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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