‘Who cares!’ Chris Evans reacts as Pete Doherty cancels radio show appearance last minute

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Chris Evans, 56, shared his candid reaction with Virgin Radio listeners as he announced that Pete Doherty had cancelled his appearance on the show last minute. The radio presenter could not stop laughing as he told fans the Libertines star “can’t make it” to his interview.

Pete has been promoting his memoir, A Likely Lad, which is set for release tomorrow.

Unable to contain his laughter, Chris announced: “I’ve just been told, Pete Doherty can’t make it today.

“All of a sudden – which is sort of what you want, to be honest. It’s sort of what you want.”

Chris continued: “But he can’t make it.”

Asked about the reason for Pete’s cancellation, Chris said: “Who cares?

“I think maybe we’ve been the victim of our enthusiasm because we’ve talked about the book so much.

“We’ve given readings from the book this morning between 6.30 and 9.

“Pete’s been listening and said, ‘he’s done all the heavy lifting, hasn’t he? I don’t want to go to the top of that building and do this interview.’

“Or he may be genuinely ill […] we wish him all the best.”

Earlier this year, Pete sparked concerns among his fans after he required “immediate treatment” from medics after falling ill on tour.

He was forced to cancel a series of shows, which were due to take place in February, due to concerns about his health.

Pete became unwell while on tour, presenting symptoms including a high fever and shortness of breath.

Despite his symptoms, the diagnosis of COVID-19 was ruled out after the star tested negative for the virus.

A statement issued on Pete’s behalf announced that the musician has been diagnosed with a respiratory infection.

The Libertines, who are in the midst of their rescheduled Giddy Up A Ding-Dong Tour, took to Instagram to confirm the news.

The statement read: “A doctor has been called to assess Peter’s condition tonight after he developed a high fever and shortness of breath.

“Thankfully, he has tested negative for COVID-19, but has been diagnosed with a respiratory infection which requires immediate treatment.

“Unfortunately, he [Pete] has been advised not to perform tonight under any circumstances, which was not a decision taken lightly, and he remained under close observation with the doctor.

“Further updates tomorrow afternoon with regard to the weekend’s show.”

The Libertines formed in London in 1997, focusing on the songwriting partnership of Pete and co-frontman Carl.

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