When Tara Became A Gorgeous Bride

Would you consider wearing black to your own wedding? Or is that idea worrying — because all the nattering aunties sagely declare black to nuptials is not shubh or lucky?

What about the doing your saat pheras minus your dupatta?

Time to turn to Kalki Fashion’s intrepid showstopper Tara Sutaria for the answers.

Tara graced the Bombay Times Fashion Week ramp in a lusciously-embroidered red lehenga with a black — yes, we know it’s an unconventional shade — choli.

Rediff.com‘s Hitesh Harisinghani captured Tara’s lense-boggling runway moment.

Whoa! Hold your breath, Kalki Fashion’s bride Tara Sutaria is here! Now ask those questions of yourself again — black to your shaadi and no dupatta

There isnt’ anyone as lustrously bridal or traditional as Tara in this ensemble that bursts with 3D floral motifs, sequins, beads, embroidery, tassels, baubles, yadi-yadi-ya.


Tara’s beams positive energy. And romance. About time we bury those notions that black is related to negative energy.


Beaded flowers frolic across the beautiful, dark choli.


Hindustani Snow White: Kalki Fashion tries out wedding white too — Candice Pinto‘s opulent lehenga starts its journey as a blindingly bright mirror-work skirt and changes its mind at calf-level, lured childishly into finishing with candy floss ruffles. The blouse’s wing epaulettes have fairy magic.


Will the real bride please step forward? Answer: Supermodel Rewati Chetri seems to glimmeringly lead the pack. We saw Rewati’s non-shimmery tastes recently.


The gents, who believe in black — look at their wardrobe choices 🙂 — step on stage with their muse for that adieu bow.

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