Wendy Williams Slams Rumors She’s ‘Frail’ & ‘Lonely’ During Talk Show Return

Wendy Williams returned to her talk show after a week-long hiatus on April 8, and after new photos of her shopping in Upstate, NY claimed she looked ‘frail’ and lonely’. The host addressed the photos during a fiery explanation, where she said her ‘popped eyes’ were a result of her Graves’ disease.

“How you doin’?” — Wendy Williams, 54, appears to be doing just fine after she returned to daytime television following a week-long hiatus on Monday, April 7. At the start of “Hot Topics”, Wendy addressed rumors about herself after photos of her surfaced over the weekend, which claimed she looks “frail” and “lonely.” The host was photographed riding a scooter while shopping in a Walmart in Upstate, New York over the weekend, where she was slammed for her appearance online. There was also speculation that she traveled Upstate because her marriage to Kevin Hunter is on the rocks. However, none of that is the case, as a “disgusted” Wendy explained the outing on her show.

“I want to shout out to my friends at the Walmart… in a town of about 300 people. It’s a small town in Upstate New York,” she began. “It’s peaceful, the people are lovely. The biggest thing is the Walmart and it’s open 24 hrs. I went camping this weekend… If I go camping, I don’t want to go ‘glamping’ [glamorous camping], I want to get down with the nitty gritty… There was no running water…”

Wendy went on to explain that the Walmart she attended “is the social place” in the area she was in while Upstate. “And, when I’m away from the show, sometimes I’ll take selfies. But, at 4 o’clock in the morning, I’m sitting on this scooter. There were a lot of scooters, and the staff, me and my girls we used the scooters because no one was in there [in Walmart],” she explained of the first photo, which showed her looking startled while on the scooter. “I mean there were people there, the townies, but not that many. So, I’m taking pictures with people, and I said, ‘Take the picture and I’ll act like I’m shopping.’ So, here’s the picture he took.” Wendy then showed the audience the photo that went viral, which claimed she appeared “frail” and “lonely.”

Wendy continued: “Now freeze, because this photo became a blog sensation so I’m here to correct. One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and truth to you and having your own show, is that I can come here and spill my own rumors,” she declared. “The headline was, ‘Poor Lonely Wendy Needs a Hug’. Then it said, ‘she looks frail’, ‘she was by herself,’” Wendy recalled reading, before questioning, “By herself?” The host stated that was with other people.

Wendy went on to address another photo that was taken, which showed her eyes bulging and looking larger than usual. “You know how I have the Graves disease, where there’s pressure behind my eyes, and sometimes my eyes go like this,” she explained, before demonstrating to the live audience what happens to her eyes as a result of her diagnosis. “They caught me in an eye pop,” she said. “So, they’re like yeah ‘her eyes’ and ‘she’s wearing a robe.’ Yeah, I was wearing a Wendy robe with leggings underneath. It was 4 o’clock in the morning in New York. What do you want me to wear a ball gown? I’m shopping and having a good time with the girls, busting open chips. We’re paying for everything, of course — bras, panties, all kinds of stuff.”

The talk show host continued to brush off the negative critics by showing never-before-seen photos from her weekend in the woods. Wendy blew up photos on the screen behind her, which showed her riding an ATV in a neon green jacket and black pants with jean shorts on top. “We were in woods, ATV-ing and I was out of my comfort zone. I picked up those jean shorts at the Walmart,” she said. Wendy made “frail” jokes throughout the rest of her “Hot Topics” segment.

Wendy’s big return came just nine days after she revealed during a live show that she’s been living in a sober house in Queens for addiction. She also has a home in New Jersey, where her husband and son live. During her tearful confession, the host never disclosed exactly why she is seeking treatment. Nonetheless, she did mention her past struggles with cocaine addiction. Wendy also admitted that she has a sober coach that works with her around the clock.

Following that shocking addiction admission, Wendy and her husband, announced the launch of the 888-5HUNTER hotline on Monday, March 11, to help those suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse, in connection with her family’s foundation The Hunter Foundation. “The 24-hour hotline will be fully staffed by specially trained Certified Recovery Coaches that will conduct assessments and match callers with individual specialized lists of short or longer term treatment facilities including detox, rehabilitation, sober living and outpatient centers throughout the country,” according to an official press release.

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