Want To Get Fit? Avoid These 10 Mistakes

When you are putting your body through so much, you need to listen to it when it’s trying to tell you something, alerts Dr Manan Vora, an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine expert.

Whether it’s a new resolution you made on your birthday, or a doctor’s suggestion, a sudden rush of wanting to get healthier without consulting an expert can be tricky.

Here are 10 common mistakes you can avoid in order to optimise your workouts and get closer to your goals.

Mistake #1. Not having a plan

By not having a plan or failing to plan, you are essentially planning to fail.

The saying is true in this case, primarily because a plan has guided progress checks that help you know you are on the correct path.

Without any planning, you may not be able to know when you hit your short-term goals or long-term ones.

Mistake #2. Forgetting to Warm-up

While small and often overlooked, warming up is crucial for a workout.

It helps prevent any injuries by making your muscles more flexible and prepared for the workout.

Some even think light jogging is the only workout required, but they’d be wrong, as proper stretches need to be done.

Mistake #3. Not paying enough attention to your diet

Food is fuel for your body, and it provides the necessary nutrients for you to work out to your total efficiency.

If you are on a fitness journey but at the same time if you are consuming junk food, you are essentially expecting a machine to run on faulty fuel.

It also alters the pace at which you see your results by slowing them down.

Mistake #4. Depending on supplements

This is something many people get lured into trying because they are promised fast results.

While the advertisements and people who sell them to you can be compelling, you must remember that they work differently for every body.

Hence, you still may not look the way you want, and the results are not long-lasting.

From a health perspective also, their long-term effects do not make them a sustainable option.

Mistake #5. Wrong gear and posture

Working out is all about efficiency.

To get the most out of any exercise, it must be adequately done in the way it was meant to.

Hence, when using the incorrect gear or doing the exercise in a poor form, you are not getting the most from your workout and will end up having to do more reps to get the desired results.

Moreover, especially if your posture is incorrect, you put yourself at risk of long-term injury.

Mistake #6. Laying too much focus on one part of your body

Balance is critical for workouts, be it from the beginning to the end.

Just because you think your tummy needs to be tucked in doesn’t mean you only do those exercises.

This is because it devalues the importance other body parts play in toning one part.

For instance, your upper back and shoulder need to be built well, as they play a role in developing your chest.

Mistake #7. Having unrealistic timelines and expectations

While everyone loves to see results, setting unrealistic goals only sets you up for failure.

Often when people do this, they either tire themselves out and give up, or they get demotivated and give up.

The frustration will mess with your willpower to keep going, and your mindset is crucial, especially while starting out.

So, make sure you set smaller, more achievable goals to encourage yourself to keep going.

Mistake #8. Skipping workouts

The key is consistency. Without it, your workouts are ineffective.

While taking breaks is necessary, and everyone has days they don’t feel up to it, getting back to working out once you keep skipping gets harder and harder.

It makes you have to start your plan from the top.

Mistake #9. Doing too much

The problem with doing too much is that people tend to expect better and faster results with it.

What they don’t realise is that doing it over and over can be very counterproductive.

This is because the body then gets accustomed to the new level of higher intensity as the new normal. Then you start to hit a plateau and won’t see the desired results.

Change things up to keep it interesting for you and your body.

Mistake #10. Not listening to your body

When you are putting your body through so much, you need to listen to it when it’s trying to tell you something.

It can be tough starting out a new exercise, and soreness at the start is standard.

However, listening to your body can help you know when to take breaks and give your body what you need — be it water, sleep or a break.

Dr Manan Vora has completed medical school and surgical residency in orthopaedics from Mumbai. He holds a diploma in sports medicine from the International Olympic Committee, Switzerland, and a Masters in Surgery (MCh Orth) from the University of Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK.

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