Vin Diesel Responds to Rumors That F&F9 Will Include Scenes in Outer Space

Fast & Furious 9 will be releasing this year after some COVID-related delays, with two more movies following to wrap up the franchise.

The series has gotten bigger and bigger, going from some humble street racing to huge explosions and saving the world-type of shenanigans.

Really there’s only one logical place that the franchise can go from here… SPACE!!!

But would that be something that the filmmakers actually do? How would cars even work in space?

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Vin Diesel has been speaking about the upcoming ninth entry, and was asked about the prevalent space rumors, which he was happy to keep going by neither confirming or denying them.

“No spoilers over here,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I will say that Justin is one of those think-outside-of-the-box directors. I’d put nothing past him and he will thoroughly play with whatever is plausible to incorporate into the story.”

Ever the tease, the Riddick actor talked about F9, stating: “You see a lot in the trailer, but you haven’t seen anything yet – and that’s exciting… There’s so much more.”

The star also revealed that the decision to end the franchise was discussed back in 2012/2013, although they thought that at the time there would only be 10 films.

Fast & Furious 9 will be released in May 28, 2021

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