Victoria Fuller: Banging Chris Soules is THE BEST!

Last month, fans got their first look at Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules as a couple. The two have been mysteriously quiet since getting together.

Now, for the very first time, Victoria and Chris are addressing their status as a couple.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are four months into their romance, and are opening up to People about their relationship.

“We’re really happy,” Victoria gushes as she addresses their status as a couple for the first time.

“The last few months have been really special for us,” she raves.

Victoria shares: “We’re enjoying each other!”

Victoria details that she met Chris through Kelsey Weier.

Kelsey, who of course was a fellow contestant with Victoria on Peter’s season, is a mutual friend — and, like Chris, is an Iowa native.

“She was like, ‘I think he’s single and he’s very attractive, you should talk to him,'” Victoria recalls of Kelsey’s suggestion.

Now, we remember that back in May, Chris Harrison speculated that “I guess he slid into her DMs.”

That’s not quite what happened.

“He ended up texting me [in March],” Victoria reveals, “and we connected.”

‘Some people said he slid into my DMs,” she notes, without naming any names.

“But he literally owns an iPhone 2,” Victoria shares, “and can barely send out a text!”

“But if he had, I would have responded,” Victoria adds.

The pair of them met up in Arlington, Iowa, which is Chris’ hometown.

This was in early April. (Honestly, we have some questions about why anyone was meeting anyone during lockdown, but whatever)

“I think we were both really nervous,” Victoria admits.

She clarifies: “But it wasn’t awkward.”

Rather than feeling anxious or out of place, Victoria says of their first in-person meet-up: “It felt really natural.”

‘And immediately, I was like, ‘I really like him!'” Victoria describes.

She gushes: “I felt a genuine connection.”

“And Iowa is so quiet,” Victoria remarks. “We were able to just focus on each other and enjoy each other’s company.”

Victoria reveals that she is still planning a move to either Nashville or Los Angeles … two extremely different places.

However, she and Chris have proven to be comfortable with a long distance relationship.

As for how long their relationship could potentially survive being long distance … obviously, no one knows for certain.

“We don’t really have a system,” Victoria admits.

“But,” she remarks, “the amazing thing about him is that he never puts pressure on our relationship or wants to put a timeline on it.”

“We are learning and we’re growing,” she adds, “and we’re figuring each other out.”

Fans who first learned of their relationship were surprised, and declared that they seemed like polar opposites.

However, they do have one piece of shared backstory — being part of the Bachelor Fam.

“It’s nice to be able to share that commonality,” Victoria notes.

“But Chris got to know me for me,” Victoria emphasizes, “not for what he saw on the show.”

She expresses: “And I’m grateful the way things ended on the show — it worked out!”

“He’s a good one,” Victoria praises Chris. “He’s the best.”

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