Tujhse Hai Raabta 30 October written update of full episode: Anupriya speaks while she is asleep and gives some clues to Kalyani regarding the case | Bollywood Life

In the last episode, we saw that Kalyani and Malhar performed their pehli angol ritual. Anupria and Kalyani are asked to apply oil to their husbands and pour water on them. Sarthak decides to stop Anupriya before she’s embarrassed. Kalyani canceled an order of crackers because she doesn’t have a job or money to pay for them. Malhar secretly pays for it though. Asawari took Aupriya and Sarthak for shopping and asked Kalyani to make sweets for the family. Asawari switched off the WiFi so that Kalyani could not take the help of the internet and learn to make sweets.

Today’s episode begins with Asawari, Anupriya and Sarthak coming back from shopping and Asawari asks Madhav why is he sitting here like this and he didn’t like Kalyani’s sweets or what. Madhav says Kalyani has not made anything and she does not know to cook at all. He tells Asawari that this won’t do as we need sweets for the guest who will come. He says that Kalyani has to learn to make all the sweets this Diwali. Kalyani comes and says she will learn everything and asks him to taste the anarase she has made. Asawari is shocked when Madhave praises the Anarase made by Kalyani. He says Kalyani has made the Anarases just like Malhar’s mom and blesses her. Asawari is shocked and Kalyani looks at Malhar. The flashback of the incident is shown when Malhar gives a chit to Kalyani which has his mother’s recipe for making Anarase. She looks at Malhar and smiles. Later the hawaldar of Malhar’s police station is in Malhar’s room with two men who have come to be the messenger for police. Malhar comes to take their interview when Kalyani sees them. She comes and offers Anarase to them and stands in the line of the interviewers. Malhar asks her why is she standing here. Kalyani says she also wants to apply for this job and convinces Malhar for it but he does not agree. Kalyani blackmails him and says if he doesn’t give her a job then she will make a video of him and post on social media. Malhar gets irritated by this and gives Kalyani a challenge. He says if she wants this job she will have to find a clue about the 26 July case in just 24 hours. Kalyani accepts the challenge and starts working for it.

Kalyani is sleeping on Anupriya’s lap and watching detective movies. She hears Anurpiya talking in sleep about some Radheshyam and saying yes she had seen it and tells a number of a car. Kalyani hears everything Anupriya says and wonders if Radheshyam is related to the vada-pav stall owner case. Just then a vase falls and Anupriya gets up with that sound. She asks Kalyani whether she spoke anything in her sleep. Anupriya starts panicking and thinks she must have confessed her crime and she must have done the murder. Kalyani stops her from doing so and leaves. Sarthak is in his room and looking at Anupriya’s photo with a knife in his hand. Ahir sees him with the knife and comes to him and asks him whether he has hidden all the proofs of the 26 July case. The flashback starts where Anupriya is in Solapur to deliver her sarees to someone and Sarthak sees her there. Anupriya sees Sarthak and asks him what is he doing here. Sarthak thinks in mind that he must not reveal that he had come to meet Malhar’s father. He says in mind that Malhar cannot know that his father is still alive. Sarthak says he had come to meet a client here. Kalyani leaves. Ahir asks Sarthak whether he remembers anything he has still not shared. He asks Sarthak whether he had met Mai that day and Sarthak denies. Malhar is in his room trying to solve the case when Kalyani comes to tells him about what she had heard from Anupriya but Malhar doesn’t want Kalyani to win the challenge as he cannot let her do a job which is very risky. He irriates her and says he won’t help her and if she wants to talk she needs first talk to hawaldar Pawar. Kalyani leaves in anger.

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