Trolls Comments on Half knowledge Sri Reddy

Recently the controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy took to her Facebook and wrote about Pollachi s*x abuse scandal, women’ safety and India’s judiciary but this time, she was trolled by her fans and followers for Half knowledge. It is known news that Sri Reddy is fighting against casting couch in Telugu film Industry.

Sri Reddy wrote on her Facebook, “If your country can’t protect the women..total system, prime minister failed..if we can’t create the security shame on India.. better to go to forests..
1)In pullachi 4 boys of gang (few more helped)cheated more than 200 ladies using by name of the love nd freind ship for the s*x.. 7 months of this story happened in some guest house which is in between of the forest..they trapped the many widows,and all ages..police did a good job with the small clue..

2)So Sorry for the kavitha(18) from kerala,she burned by some man..he poured the petrol on her..80 %burned..
shame on this incidents..still we don’t have powerful punishments in our judiciary..ladies feeling insecure..victims need immediate relief please add more acts in our judiciary for the safety for the women..people has to take it serious it’s not a joke it’s a life..”

Few comments by netizens are as follows:

Ravi Teja:  First try to know which country has highest crime rate ( all criminal activities included) and then comment about INDIA you half knowledge human being

Ravi Teja:  Do you know that India Stands in 13 place as a safest country out of 40 countries ranked
UK Stands First Rank as Safest Place and Pakistan Ranked 40 as a least Safest Place
But never got such news from Pakistan Celebs or Media but our Great Half knowledged Celebs & Media like you comment about India

Venkata Satya Prasad Adapa: How u r talking about judeciary with out having any knowledge about judicial system

Siddharth Abimanyu : Sri reddy garu it’s for 7 years … Not months bastards


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