Tom Daley’s husband Dustin Lance Black issues statement as he’s cleared of assault

Tom Daley's husband, Dustin Lance Black, has issued a statement after being cleared of assault charges when his case was dismissed mid-trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The claims made by a reality TV star that she was assaulted by Dustin, who married Olympic swimmer Tom Daley, 27, in 2017, were dismissed as inconsistent and not enough to secure a conviction.

CCTV footage shown in Westminster Magistrates' Court today revealed Mr Black grappling with TV host Teddy Edwardes at Freedom Bar in London's Soho, while a former Love Island winner and Tom himself watched in shock.

Dustin was alleged to have grabbed Teddy’s wrist “very hard” and spilled her drink over her.

Just moments after the alleged assault by 49 year old Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin, reality TV host Teddy punched the American in the back of the head.

Dustin's legal team stated that the violent attack resulted in a concussion for their client.

However, District Judge Louisa Cieciora agreed with a late defence application this afternoon that there was insufficient and inconsistent evidence put forward by the prosecution to prove that Dustin had ever touched Teddy's wrist.

After he was cleared of the accusations, Dustin released a statement which read: "I am pleased that the judge saw the truth today and ruled in my favour. As the evidence has proven, and I have always maintained, I am completely innocent, and in fact was the victim in this case of a serious assault. I am relieved this unfortunate matter is now over."

The judge criticised Teddy for not being truthful about when she first saw the CCTV footage of the incident. She also questioned why Teddy posted about the event on social media before telling the court it wasn't 'real life'.

She stated: "The defence submit that there's no case to answer. Ms Edwardes said she didn't see a difference between her drink being spilled and Mr Black grabbing her wrist; that the outcome is the same. But there is a difference. The charge was brought on Mr Black having grabbed her wrist."

"Grabbing a glass does not amount to an assault. Throwing a drink does amount to an assault – but that's not what is being alleged here. Ms Edwardes' account didn't mention her wrist being grabbed until a very late stage."

"I didn't consider her explanations – including that she was angry when she wrote some posts on social media, or that social media is not real life – to be at all constructive. I consider that the evidence, taken at its highest, is such that I cannot convict properly Mr Black of the charge. I therefore dismiss the charge."

The judge also ordered the Crown to pay towards Dustin's legal costs, though the exact amount wasn't revealed in court. It was earlier mentioned in court that Dustin, who showed no reaction as his case was dismissed, had lost £600,000 due to the case.

Helena Duong, applying to dismiss the case, stated: "Clearly, at the outset, the prosecution had the assault as a grab of Ms Edwardes' wrist." She also said, "[Edwardes] is a person who has demonstrated aggression towards [Mr Black] from beginning to end, and someone who has admitted in her own words to having chosen violence. I understand it is quite rare for cases to be stopped at this point, but, in my submission, when you are faced with such unreliable and inconsistent evidence, you can put a stop at this stage."

Ms Ahmed told the court that Teddy was 'clear' in her evidence that Dustin had touched her wrist, but Ms Duong disagreed, saying this couldn't be seen in the CCTV footage and accused Teddy of lying 'on a number of occasions' during her testimony.

Police bodycam footage played in court earlier showed Dustin calmly explaining what happened at Freedom Bar.

Wearing a white vest and a pink Hawaiian shirt, he suggested to the officer that Teddy's group might have been 'infatuated' by the celebrity presence of himself and his husband, Tom Daley, but didn't want their 'non-famous' friend there.

In the footage, he says: "I got hit in the head by a woman. In terms of motivation, we had a friend we invited to the table and she didn't want him there so I left."

"They invited us to their table because, I think, they were infatuated with the celebrity; but they didn't want the non-famous person at the table.

I said, 'You have to stop drinking, you have to stop drinking'. She punched me very hard in the head."

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