TikTok Star Taylor Frankie Paul Announces Pregnancy After Miscarriage Loss & Shocking Domestic Violence Arrest

Taylor Frankie Paul is back in the news once again. But fortunately, this time her narrative is via some positive news to share with the world.

The popular TikTok star is, of course, the woman behind that jaw-dropping Mormon ‘MomTok’ swinger couple drama. That out-of-control swinging situation eventually led to her splitting from then-husband and father of her two children Tate Paul early last year as the hubbub went mega-viral.

Then, earlier this year, the Mormon momma popped back up in the news after being arrested on felony domestic violence charges against her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen with (at the time) child abuse allegations also flying around. Now, though, Taylor seems to have corrected course a bit. In that vein, on Sunday, she revealed a huge update to the world: she’s pregnant!!!

She and Mortensen had previously suffered through a miscarriage via an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year. But now, they’ll hopefully be bringing a healthy and happy baby into the world soon! So great!

Referencing the coming child as the couple’s “rainbow baby,” Taylor revealed the news on Sunday with this heartfelt message on Instagram along with a pregnancy photo shoot:

“One year later we’ve been blessed with our rainbow baby. It’s been a very emotional journey from last year till now and I can honestly say I’m so excited for this new chapter of life with Dakota, my children and this baby. Floods of emotions have came through along with a different kind of excitement and worry you feel after losing, however so far everything is healthy and on track and my heart is full”


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Dakota shared photos from that same shoot to his own IG account while writing this for his followers, as well:

“There is one thing I have always felt inside of me that I have dreamed about becoming, and that’s a father. I never thought I would ever get to say those words in my life and I will do everything and anything to be the best partner and father to our little rainbow baby”


It’s been a heck of a year for Taylor and Dakota — and not in a good way — to get to this point. The domestic violence case has been working towards its own conclusion in recent weeks, though. For one, per the Salt Lake Tribune, Taylor pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony count of aggravated assault in late August. The other charges brought against her earlier this year were dismissed with that plea. And if she keeps up her end of the bargain on probation stuff and stays out of future trouble, the charge will forever be logged as a misdemeanor. So, that’s a break for her.

Now, hopefully this baby will be the beginning of an amazing time for them together as parents. And here’s hoping Taylor’s older children Indy, 6, and Ocean, 3, will love having the baby around, too!


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