Tiger Woods DUI Arrest Used in Political Ad Promoting Death Penalty

Tiger Woods was mistakenly — and HORRIFYINGLY — dragged into a political ad this week, calling for cop killers and mass murderers to be sentenced to death.

The legendary golfer’s 2017 DUI arrest footage was front and center in the campaign ad, dubbed “Just Intentional,” which was released Thursday by Kris Kobach, the Republican nominee for Kansas Attorney General.

In the ad, Kobach put his Democrat opponent, Chris Mann, on blast over his opposition to capital punishment, splicing in Wood’s 2017 DUI arrest along with images of two convicted murderers currently on Kansas’ death row.

Kobach’s spokesperson Danedri Herbert told FOX Digital the ad agency they hired was to blame for the error, but they caught it and fixed it within minutes.

Herbert went on…”What a happy accident that media is going to pick this up and expose Chris Mann as a soft-on-crime liberal Democrat who will let cop killers and mass murderers off easy for their heinous crimes.”

A new ad was cut, replacing the Woods footage with images of what appears to be a prison inmate.

Woods has yet to issue a statement about the mix up.

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