This new ‘RHOC’ star is already on Vicki Gunvalson’s ‘s–t list’

Vicki Gunvalson has a “s—t list” and she’s checking it twice.

Tamra Judge revealed to the newest “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gina Kirschenheiter that she made the cut in an exclusive clip obtained by Page Six.

Kirschenheiter went to visit Judge after she broke her foot in Mexico when she learned the news.

“Well I’m not going to lie, Vicki sent me a message this morning,” Judge told her.

“That she hates me?” Kirschenheiter shrugged.

“She hates you,” Judge smiled and nodded as Kirschenheiter laughed.

“I don’t think it said hate. She says I don’t like your friend Gina,” she said.

“I saw her dagger eyes, you know, the whole night,” Kirschenheiter responded. “As soon as I spoke up and then it’s like now I’m on the s—t list. I knew I was on the s—t list, but what am I going to do? I mean, that’s her issue not mine.”

“She just wants everyone to agree with her. That’s her personality. She wants everyone to be like, ‘bow down to Vicki.’ That’s how she is,” Judge told her.

“I’m definitely not that person,” Kirschenheiter retorted.

“Listen, we’re friends but if you ask my opinion I’m not going to blow smoke up your a—. If I think you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And that doesn’t mean that I’m attacking your character. You ask me an opinion and I’m going to tell you my opinion.”

“In New York, when you walk down the street four out of ten people will say ‘hello’ to you, but those four people you know like you,” she added in her confessional. “But here, ten people will say ‘Hi, how you doing?’ and seven actually hate your f—ng hate your guts.”

“I kinda feel like it’s my goal to get her now to like, like me,” she told Judge, who gave her the go ahead.

“You make your own opinion of her but — “ Judge told her.

“Time will tell!” both of the ladies echoed.

“Listen, I personally think she should be more scared of me than I should be of her!” Kirschenheiter laughed.

“New York in the house! Go all Long Island on her a—!” Judge laughed.

Two names most likely not on Gunvalson’s list? Shannon Beador and Judge. The trio made up at the end of Season 12 after a vicious seasons long fight.

Meanwhile, Kelly Dodd could be on the list amid their fight over breaking girl code.

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