This badass dancer proves that SEXY doesn’t have a size

A dancer, she’s has been winning the Internet with her stylish moves.

Photographs: Courtesy Thais Carla/Instagram

Thais Carla’s a plus-size ballerina, who weighs 140 kg. 

But her weight has never come in the way of her dance — she can do a split and has been dancing since she was four.

A mother to a two-year-old daughter, Thais, 25, is extremely proud of her curves and is glad to give her followers some fashion advice.

‘When I was younger, I had this pressure to lose weight, I’ve tried, but I did not have much success,’ she said in an interview.

‘(Now) I’m a very full person. I do not care at all, if I’m going to dance in my panties, I’ll dance, pose naked… I’m well relax.’

She adds: ‘I’m not saying it’s cool, it’s wonderful to be fat.

‘My message is that you can be whatever you want, no matter what you want to be.

‘I do not want to encourage fat at all.

‘I’m encouraging women’s empowerment…. I was fighting, overcoming prejudices. But everything is on the basis of your want. When you want, you can.’

Through her posts, Thais has addressed issues that fat girls face like thick legs, avoiding clothes with horizontal lines that make you look fatter, etc.

Thais, who believes that dance is for all bodies, posted this pic to shut up trolls to try to put her down. 

‘These comments are to try to put me down. It’s difficult. I let this photo speak for itself as far as I can put my feet.’ 


Now that’s called a PERFECT SPLIT. It’s amazing how Thais does it so effortlessly. 

It’s hard to love your own body when people say ‘Your face is beautiful! Why don’t you lose weight?’

She adds: ‘Our body needs more of your love than of the love of others. 

‘Understand that there is also beauty out of standards, and that trying to be equal to everyone is a subtle type of self-sabotage. 

‘If loving is to find the maximum, even with belly and cellulite, and if so, what is the problem? You’re worthless because of little holes.’ 


When critics tried to take her down, this is what Thais did and won their hearts.

She writes: ‘Never let them extinguish your brightness, be the very sun of your life.’ 


She feels it is absolutely important for people to not take their critics’ comments personally. 

‘I usually do not put up photos (of me in a) sitting (pose), and I also do not see fat people doing it. 

‘We have been accustomed to posting pictures of angles that ‘favor’ us and (in which) our bellies does not appear to look fat, nor does our double chin, thick thighs, etc.’ 


She likes to be known as Goddess Aphrodite ‘Protector of the Fat’.


She has been through a lot and her struggle is evident in her posts. 

‘If someone asks you to close your eyes and imagine a dancer from a famous singer dancing at one of the world’s best known festivals. Would she think of a fat woman?’ she questions. 

‘Difficult, right? But it was with this negativity that I lived, with people who did not believe in my talent. 

‘It was so difficult to go through all this (you do not know how much) but thanks to God and my family that I can, today I feel fulfilled.’ 


Thais enjoys a holiday on the beach with her husband and daughter.

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