The Offspring Share Animated Video For ‘Behind Your Walls’

The Offspring recently released a new animated music video for the single “Behind Your Walls,” from the band’s latest album Let The Bad Times Roll, which dropped in 2021.

The Jeb Hardwick-directed animated video shows a couple trying to make it through a post-apocalyptic wasteland that is riddled with obstacles.

“The song evoked a sense of a couple trying to connect through emotional barriers that had been building over time,” Hardwick explained about the video. “I wanted to take that prompt and turn it into a dark fairytale, a sort of dystopian take on the classical storytelling structure of writers like the Brothers Grimm.”

“I wanted the video to have an ambiguous dreamlike aesthetic to it, so I was keen to take away some of the sharpness and crispness usually associated with CGI and give a sense of it being somewhere between a moving painting and a 1920s German Expressionist film,” he continued.

Guitarist Noodles adds, “‘Behind Your Walls’ is about trying to reach somebody who is feeling isolated, alone, or depressed. How do you reach out and get through the emotional chasm that exists? Sometimes it feels impossible to grab a hold of that person and pull them back to ‘safety,’ emotionally and mentally. The song is about that struggle.”

The Offspring are currently on tour in support of their most recent album, Let the Bad Times Roll.

(Photo: Daveed Benito)

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