The National's Matt Berninger Reveals Details Of Sitcom 'Das Apes'

The National frontman Matt Berninger has revealed that he is working on a sitcom with his brother Tom, titled “Das Apes.”

The long-anticipated project was first teased back in 2020, when Matt Berninger told NME that he was working on a sequel to Mistaken For Strangers, as well as a TV show.

Matt and Tom had previously collaborated on Mistaken For Strangers, the documentary that accompanied Trouble Will Find Me, back in 2013.

In a new interview with NME, Matt revealed that the project is back up and running again. The show is based on a rock band with original material and featuring members of The Walkmen.

“Not unlike Frankenstein, a lightning bolt has started its heart again!” he said. “It’s a really great show. It’s called Das Apes, and with the pandemic we had to put it down. Das Apes is alive, and that’s all I can say. There was nothing happening because of the writers strikes and stuff like that, but we’ll see.

“I’m not going to drown in projects like I was before, but that it is one of them that I really want to do and it might happen,” he added.

(Photo: Josh Goleman)

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