The Jonas Brothers land book deal

The Jonas Brothers’ comeback now includes a book deal.

Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas will release their memoir titled “Blood” with Macmillan Imprint Feiwel and Friends. The book will chronicle their journey from the band’s inception to their 2013 breakup and their decision to get back together this year.

“We’re three brothers from New Jersey, and we were not supposed to be successful,” said Joe, 29, in a press release on Tuesday. “From record labels dropping us to our dad losing his job over us, this shouldn’t have happened or lasted as long as it did. Yet here we are, more excited than ever, and we’re so grateful and ready to tell the full story of the journey we’ve had as individuals, as artists, and as family.”

“Blood” is set to go on sale on November 12 but is available for preorder immediately. Meanwhile, their first album in a decade, “Happiness Begins,” will be released in June ahead of their tour.

Amazon Studio is also working on a documentary about the brothers. A release date has not been set for the project.

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